24 Excellent Wedding Photography Tips | Essential for Couples

Are you going to marry this year, and are you also looking at the best wedding photography tips for your wedding ceremony? Then this post is only for you. Probably, you have already started planning for your wedding photography.

Arranging good wedding photography is challenging. To ensure the best photos at your wedding, you need to think about many things.

You need to consider professional as well as expert photographers, places, poses, budget, and so many things. Without prior experience, it is difficult. Do you think any suggestions can help you?

Experts share some critical and new wedding photography tips for 2020. These are helpful for every couple who will marry this year.

How Do Wedding Photography Tips Help You?

Wedding photography is one of the vital parts of your wedding ceremony and without a professional wedding photographer, you cannot make your wedding ceremony complete.

  1. Wedding photography is one of the vital points of the wedding ceremony.
  2. Wedding photography creates a lifetime memory.
  3. Choosing a wedding photographer is a tough task.
  4. You don’t want to waste money on bad photography.
  5. Any wrong decision can make a photography disaster on a precious day.
  6. It is better to understand the total system in advance.
  7. You don’t have to face difficulties with posing and after services.
  8. Your photographer can not deceive you by adding unnecessary service.
  9. You will understand the process clearly. Thus, you can make your photography plan.
  10. You can choose the best photographer in your budget.
  11. You can learn about saving money but without compromising quality.

Wedding Photography Tips

There is much work in three phases of your wedding. So, here are the tips. With the help of these tips, you will be stress-free on your precious day. These are helpful for planning, preparing, and executing the wedding photography.

To make you better understand, here we have divided the wedding photography tips into three categories-

a) Pre-Wedding Photography Tips

b) Wedding Day Photography Tips

c) Post-Wedding Photography Tips

Pre-Wedding Photography Tips

1. Decide your Wedding Ceremony Type:

First, think about your wedding ceremony type. What do you want, a gorgeous or straightforward ceremony? This decision affects photography too. If you want a straightforward service, then you can hire one or two photographers.

But if you prefer a gorgeous ceremony, your photos must be royal as well. Otherwise, your beautiful decoration will not express its perfect gorgeousness. In that case, you need to hire royal photographers.

Also, decide, is it church wedding, town hall wedding or destination wedding? It is because you need to choose your photographer as per your wedding type.

2. Decide the Budget for Photography:

Second, you need to decide on the budget as well as the cost of wedding photography. How much can you spend on your wedding photography? Check current local photographers’ price list. Research about then you will find an idea about cost and other expenditure.

Set the budget according to your ability and the domestic price of photography. It is a recommendation that you should maximize your budget for photography. Remember, among all the things you buy for a wedding, and only the photos will last forever.

So, give importance, mainly to set a reasonable budget. So, you can hire a professional photographer and get the best result.

3. Choose your Photographer:

The first and crucial part is choosing a photographer. Nowadays, almost every person hires a photographer by seeing their websites.

Photographers put the best photos of the best events on their website. So, all the websites photos are excellent. So how will you decide who is a genuine good photographer?

 You can ask for reviews from your friends or family who have married recently. Or, if you don’t have anyone to ask, then you can choose from websites. In that case, first, make a shortlist and contact them.

Ask them to show you some full wedding album that matches with your wedding type. If you choose a destination wedding, then see an entire collection of a destination wedding. For a destination wedding, the indoor wedding photo album will not help you.

  • Don’t spring up by low price. Quality comes first.
  • Check the photographer’s background thoroughly before assigning it.
  • Ask the photographer to shoot you some as a sample.
  • Discuss your preference and choice of photography styles openly.
  • Ask your photographer about his basic technique and the service he provides.
  • Try to hire an expert photographer.

4. Choose Location:

If you plan a destination wedding, take help from your photographer for choosing a suitable place for beautiful pictures. Set your priority. What do you want like sea bitch, mountain, or any architectural view?

If you choose a venue in the city, then concentrate on its decoration. It affects the quality of the photos.

5. Rehearsal with your Photographer:

It is super cool if you make a pre-photoshoot before your wedding. It makes both of you comfortable. Plus, it gives you many memorable and excellent photos. Those photos also have their unique value.

These pre-shoots also allow you to make your wedding photo album more unique and exclusive. Spend some time with photographers to establish an understandable relation between you two.

6. Don’t Rush:

Plan and organize calmly. Choose a photographer wisely. Work them with different styles and poses. Everything about your wedding photography should be well pre-planned.

This practice also builds your confidence and gives you a perfect look at your wedding photos. Try to learn many poses on your own in advance.

You can find many posts on the internet. Do some homework to generate ideas to create unique photos.

7. Scheduling:

Make a wise schedule for your photography. Afternoon, sunset, or even night can make products filmy and romantic photos. These times are ideal for creating a different unique concept.

Lighting is an essential factor in photography. But photography at this hour is not always possible. Because it needs much technical support.

So, discuss this with your photographer about this photoshoot schedule.

8. Have a backup for everything:

Always try to ready an alternative plan. Like a plan B for your destination wedding, if your photoshoot plan will not go as your plan.

Like you get rain or bad weather at the time of the scheduled date. So, plan at first, what will you do before facing it.

9. Second shooter:

If you have the financial ability, then try to involve a second shooter. He will capture photos from a different angle. It reduces the chance of missing any moment of your big day.

10. Take permission for wedding photography:

Some municipalities rarely allow outdoor shooting. Try to know if there have such restrictions. If there is any issue, make sure you take permission from the authority for your wedding photo shooting.

Wedding Day Photography Tips

Wedding day is a hectic day for both the couple and the photographers. So, to avoid any unwanted situation, try these tips on your wedding day.

11. Styles:

Check different styles early of your wedding that suit your personality. Some prefer classical; some prefer a filmy and vintage look.

Some also like fine-arts photos. So, before photoshoot tries to learn about styles and take help from the photographer.

12. Work with poses:

The pose is fundamental. Try to create different poses. That will increase the variation of your album. Ask your photographer to take candid. Make a list that you want photos of those poses.

Tell your photographer about those persons you wish to have photographs. Make everything a pre-plan. So, you don’t miss anything essential for you. Ensure that your photographers will not take serious photos all the time.

Do some funny stuff that will give the photographer to inject joy and laughter in your photos.

13. Ask to shoot emotion and reaction:

Ask your photographer to shoot the emotional moments. These photos will create a lively environment at your wedding album.

Also, these will be your most treasured photos. Tell your photographer to catch the first glance, first kiss, or vows moments. Create pictures full of joy and excitement.

14. Get your wedding photographer to capture your preparation:

Photos of your getting ready and preparing marriage increase the appeal of your wedding story. Ask your photographer to capture those photos.

15. Ensure backup gadgets:

You must ask your photographer to ensure backup gadgets like memory cards, batteries, etc.

16. Shoot Landscape before the wedding:

Ask your photographer to shoot the landscape of your venue before guests arrive. It will give you a better image of the scene.

17. Arrange some particular time:

On the wedding day, it is tough to get alone time for the bride and groom themselves.

So, for the romantic bride-grooms photos, arrange sometimes, especially for you too. You can do pre-photoshoot or post-photoshoot to make exclusive photos only for you two.

18. Use a white sheet:

Sometimes photographers may ask you to walk on the road or in the garden to create unique photos. But you may be afraid that doing that will make your wedding attire dirty.

So, use a white sheet under your feet, and photographers will shoot you in such a way that no one can see the white sheet under your feet.

19. Don’t down your head:

As a proud couple, express your inner feelings by keeping your head up. It shows the strength and happiness of your mind. The down head may cause your photos sad and boring.

20. Enjoy your day:

Your wedding day is entirely yours. Enjoy and soak with it every moment. You need to relax and stress-free to give good shots. Don’t bother too much with photography.

Let your photographer work his own. He knows what is best suited for you. Don’t get anxious in front of the camera. Make sure you have a smiling face all the time. The sad, gloomy face will not make good images.

Post-Wedding Photography Tips

These are some tips for you after the wedding.

post wedding photography
Wedding Photography

21. Black and white or Colorful pictures:

Some photos are looking great at black and white. You can make pictures more attractive by changing the color. Tell your photographers to do some color game with your wedding pictures.

22. Cost-saving tips:

It is not preferable to cut some money from your photography budget. Admittedly, it may be costlier for some couples. So, if they can save some money from here, it may be so helpful for them.

  • Try to hire a photographer at the non-peak hour.
  • Contract with the photographer in advance.
  • Try to take different packages.
  • Try to get offers.
  • Select a commonplace as a venue instead of a place far from the city.
  • Ask to give you some raw footage along with professionally edited photos.
  • Receive final products in soft copy.
  • Reduce additional services.

23. Ask about your Copyright:

It is a crucial matter. Many photographers will not allow you to print or sell your photos on your own.

They will provide you picture with a watermark or with their signature of the company. So, if you think you need to use your photos as your property, then ask them for the copyright.

24. Post-wedding photoshoot:

If you feel you can’t have your desire photos at your wedding, then ask to do some post-wedding photoshoot.

Also, you can request to capture some intimate, sweet, and romantic moments of your honeymoon. These photos will create more memory for you. As you get more time to make the images stunning and beautiful.

Now, here are some tips for different specialized wedding photography.

Venue Wedding Photography Tips

Venue based wedding photography can be either indoor or outdoor. You will get these types of photos:

  1. The decoration of the place
  2. Family pictures
  3. Couple picture

When you choose the venue wedding, these suggestions may help you.

  1. Choose a photographer from the city where your venue is.
  2. Ask the venue organizers for their recommendation of the photographer.
  3. Ask your photographer to capture some beautiful venue decoration photos.

Destination Wedding Photography Tips

At a destination wedding, you can go to any beautiful place, like a sea beach, mountain or any beautiful natural area. Here are something you should remember.

  1. Discuss with your photographer to choose a place for a destination wedding.
  2. Not all municipalities permit you to do photography. Take the necessary permission before heading to the spot.
  3. Check weather updates before you set off for photography.
  4. Ask your photographer to use weather details for unique compositions.
  5. Tell him to take some drone shots to get a broad view of the place.

Sunset Wedding Photography Tips

It is a unique and most beautiful wedding photography type. Many couples like to have photographed at sunset. If you are one of them, consider these suggestions

Sunset Wedding Photography
  1. Sunset wedding photography is all about click at the right time. So be careful about time. Make your movement fast to utilize the full-time during sunset.
  2. Ask your photographers to take many clicks. It will help them to create a beautifully detailed image during editing.
  3. Use the natural light to make soft, warm photos.
  4. You can get the best sunset photographs at seabeach or near a water body.
  5. Sometimes it is not possible to go near any water body. In that case, do the photography session where the sunset is fully visible. Put the dipping sun at your background.

Church Wedding Photography Tips

It is an age-old tradition to wed at the church. Many couples still prefer a church wedding. Church wedding photography needs special care.

  1. Many churches restrict photography. So, before choosing, learn about the church’s rules and regulations.
  2. Let inform your photographer about the church’s instructions for photography.
  3. Ask your photographer to take a second shooter. Ask them to photograph from different angles.
  4. Ask your photographer to arrive early at the spot. It allows them ample time to take photos of the church, at a vacant condition.
  5. Ensure your photographer can capture the perfect moments with a clear view.
  6. Time is limited. So, ask your photographer to use the moments efficiently.
  7. Some churches never allow photography during the occasion. Then remake them with fake pose after the ceremony.

Courthouse Wedding Photography Tips

Some couples choose courthouse weddings when they are budget concerns. It is a simple but intimate personal wedding. The arrangement may be small, but it is very charming.

A couple invites only some limited guests. They are very near and dear of the couples. It is not a religious wedding. An official of government issues a marriage certificate as identification of marital union.

This certificate allows them as a straight couple in society. You can also put a traditional vibe at the courtship marriage. Like: you can exchange rings, share your vows, carry a beautiful flower bouquet, etc. There is also an excellent opportunity for mind-blowing photography.

  1. To make a stunt photo, you can arrive at the courthouse with a royal style. Like: you can ride a horse while arriving. Ask the photographer to make a perfect shot of you at the entrance.
  2. Can create some romantic, intimate poses after your marriage.
  3. Take some photos in front of the hall.
  4. Ask your photographer to take pictures when you are waiting to sign in the paper.
  5. After your wedding, you can go to a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner. Ask your photographer to take some marvelous photos at the restaurant.
  6. Ask your photographer to cover the preparation period after the event session.
  7. As there are only close members, take intimate family photos with them.


Use these wedding photography tips at the time of your wedding. Admittedly, it will be beneficial for you. All these are for making your wedding memory special and unique.

No one ever wants to ruin their wedding day because of bad photography. So, take wedding photography as a serious matter and arrange the steps to make it beautiful.

Since you need to take this matter seriously, but you need not stay in a grumpy mode at your wedding. All these efforts will last in vain if you can’t enjoy your moment.

So, don’t be sad. Lough and enjoy your special day as much as you can. Hopefully, your wedding photoshoot will be more cherished and enjoyable as you desire.

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