wedding photography questionnaire

Wedding photography Iowa City is the number #1 and one of the best Iowa City photographers. We have been providing quality full photography services since our birth. 

Our main objective is to provide the top-quality wedding photography services at the minimum price in your area.

A wedding photography questionnaire page helps in that case; it contains all the questions to ask your wedding photographer. 

With the help of this F&Q, you can previously know the details about a photographer that how they charge and what is the nature of the photographers? And many more questions.

Providing the best service in mind, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions about wedding photography. This F&Q will be helpful for you to get some ideas before booking a photographer.

So let’s get to discuss the wedding photography questionnaire –


Iowa City Wedding Photographers

We have strong team members in the customer or client service area and they will help you 24/7. Excluding the customer support, you will be getting answered here some of your questions. 

Iowa City is our primary business location, and we have been offering our services since our birth. You can also hire us in any area of Iowa State or out side in the Iowa.

We offer both photography and videography for the wedding ceremony. Our professional photographers are always ready to capture as you wish, and we are capable of providing more than 20 types of photography styles.

Normally we provide pre-wedding photography service, HDR Wedding Photography, Digital Wedding Photography, engagement wedding photography, elite wedding photography, dynamic wedding photography and exclusive wedding photography. For details, you can easily visit our service page

Yes, We offer drone wedding photography service and it is included in our photography packages. If you would like to take the service exclusively then we will arrange for you. 

 It entirely depends on the clients’ wishes. Here we always ready to go to what you want.

We always like to take first the Traditional Wedding Photography, Artistic Wedding Photography, Natural Wedding Photography, Family Group, and Guest Wedding Photography, Documentary Wedding Photography, and Portrait Wedding Photography style.

Your engagement session photos will be completed within 4 to 5 weeks after the date of the shoot. But if you want to get it urgent then inform us, we will provide you as early as possible.

Quick delivery is one of the prime objectives, and in 4 to 5 weeks, we try to deliver. Before delivering the photography file, we will contact you, so do not think about it.

We have experienced in different categories of photography, so it is your wish. Still, we always try to capture in traditional and natural wedding photography in the initial session.

We will help you to recover as early as possible, and we always try to back up all the photos in our drives. As the best Iowa City Photographers, it is one of the prime tasks to backup your wedding photos. 

Yes, we provide digital wedding (HDR) photography in Iowa City.

Yes, we provide print photography of your engagement day, pre-wedding day, and wedding day and after the wedding day.

No, we remove some photos like duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions, and other photos that may decrease the overall product quality.

We fixed the price before we meet our clients, and we discussed it in detail, then we offer our pricing plan. A wedding is long process photography, and it must be addressed.

After confirmation, we take some advance, and after finishing the ceremony, we make the complete payment.

Any additional coverage added before the wedding day is due on the day of the event. We will bill overtime requests on your wedding day after you return from your honeymoon, and we also accept our bill in cards like VISA, MASTERCARD, and others if require.

Yes, we provide photo framing services entirely if the client wants.

Yes, as one of the best Iowa City Photographers, we travel to meet the clients and photo-shoot.

Yes, 100% you can! When you are free and wish to see the capture of your wedding picture in various events, then you are most welcome to view it. We are always ready to serve you.

Our photography camera is one of the latest and expensive; we always maintain our camera lenses, parts, and films. 

Our booking appointment is free, and it is a straightforward process. Just click the button of booking or contact us you will get a contact form then put the require information including your phone number and write your name and email address. Our expert team will contact you as early as possible. 

We are built with the best wedding photographers and we plan to work as the nature of the wedding ceremony.

If it is an essential wedding, we manage our working plan with one professional photographer. But if it is a destination wedding or a big one, then we include another professional photographer with assistant to work efficiently.

Yes, we work for extra hours. To complete the program successfully we work for extra hours because we believe the client’s satisfaction.

For a basic wedding photography package we take more than 300 photographs and we print the special one after client’s choice.

Yes, we provide the complete pre-wedding and post wedding photography services as per the client’s wish.

Yes, we tip to capture the beautiful photography of the wedding couple as well as guest.