50 amazing wedding photography posing guide | Expert Review

Have you ever imagined how to pose in front of the camera on your wedding day? Or will you let this responsibility entirely on your photographers? But what if your photographer only knows some traditional poses and nothing more.

Will you be happy with those age-old conventional photos? Don’t you want to make your wedding day’s photos more special and unique?

It is always good to know the wedding photos pose in advance. You can get your wedding photo’s plan or choose trendy ideas from this wedding photography posing guide.

Why Do You Need Weeding Photography Posing Guide?

People find a wedding photography posing guide is essential for several grounds. Wedding photography posing guide is necessary because:

  • Diversified couple poses are vital for a beautiful wedding photoshoot.
  • If all light, camera, and the other settings are perfect, the photoshoot can be a failure because of the poor posing idea.
  • The duo can set up themselves in different poses from an early time.
  • If you know something about in advance, you can enthusiastically co-operate with the photographer.
  • You may generate a new idea to create a unique pose for your wedding day.
  • If the photographer is an amateur, then a couple can help him with different poses.
  • Keep your wedding day from embarrassing and awkward moments.
  • Wedding photoshoot will be smooth and worth of time.
  • Your wedding album will be vibrant and unique.
  • An ideal pose can hide many little mistakes and make beautiful images.
  • You should not bound with old traditional poses.
  • You can create an excellent memory.
  • A proper wedding photoshoot is worth of money.

Traditional Wedding Photography Poses

Old is gold. Traditional poses are not always backdated. Some poses are evergreen. People of all times cherish to have these poses at their wedding. Here are some conventional but beautiful bride and groom poses for you.

1. The Usual Pose:

It is the basic poses. The newlywed happily touch each other and making out some romantic postures. They may hug, lean, kiss, or look to each other or anything else.

Whatever the pose is, your hands must touch your partner’s body. You cannot merely stand robotic and still. It will be so embarrassing if you act so. Pose in such a way that your inner emotion and joy emerge from your photographs.

2. Walking and Holding Hands:

It is a very touchy pose. The model is the newlywed couple holding each other hand, walking side by side, laughing to each other. It recounts the happy journey of a young couple. They are pleased to partake in the rest of life.

This pose also expresses relief, trust, concern, and responsibility. The ground can be any scenario. Beach, park, or greenery background anything is perfect with this set.

3. Eye to Eye Love:

This pose is very intimate and touching. The Bride and groom will lock their eyes to each other. Their eyes are full of a new dream and love for each other.

It is a familiar pose, but a popular one. Its expression tells love and romance between the newlywed couple.

4. The First Glance:

The moment is so sweet and memorable. When the future husband and wife see their better half in a wedding dress for the first time. This moment is once in a lifetime.

So, every couple wants to capture this particular moment. You can ask your photographer to do this pose privately. Thus, the posture is so natural and passionate.

5. Groom kisses on the Bride’s Forehead:

Sometimes the couple feels shy to do much intimate pose in front of many guests. But this pose is lovely, and couples don’t feel awkward to do this.

At this pose, the groom gently kisses his Bride’s forehead. This pose reveals love and respect for each other.

6. First Dance:

It is a unique pose. Ask your photographer to take some exclusive photographs of your first dance. You two love birds express your inner love and peace by dancing.

Isn’t it so amazing? Tell your photographers to take it from a higher place. Like from a balcony or a tree branch.

7. The Bride Leans on The Groom’s Shoulder:

In this pose, the Bride rests her head on the groom’s shoulder. It is a very calm and quiet pose. That tells the inner peace of the couple. Light is an essential reason for this pose.

8. Feed Each Other

Another romantic pose is the groom feeds his wife with a glass of juice. Or the Bride and groom both offer a bite to their partner with a gentle smile on their faces. This pose shows the love and cares for their better half. It is also a very romantic photoshoot.

9. Reflection in The Mirror:

Take the representation in the mirror. The Bride and grooms happily look in the mirror. Different angles can make a difference.

10. Kiss on Hand:

It is one of the romantic poses. The Bride or groom passionately kisses on their partner’s hand.

11. Surrounded by Lovely Family Members and Friends:

Inevitably, a wedding ceremony becomes more delightful when your family and friends attend there. So, make the celebration more amusing to take photos with them. Create different, funny, touching pose with your friends and families.

12. Group Hug:

All close members of the family hug together to the new couple. This group hug will be cute and sweet moments for your family members.

Unique Wedding Photography Poses

Why don’t you try to make a difference in your wedding album? It is chirming to do some fun stuff that brings the uniqueness of your photos. Create your wedding album attractive by adding these poses.

13. Bride Blind Fold the Groom:

In this pose, the Bride covers the groom’s eyes with her hand from behind. This pose expresses trust and dependability with each other. Traditionally, a groom should not find out his Bride before the wedding ceremony.

So, this concept also impacts this blindfold poses. With a beautiful background, this will be a unique photo.

14. Bride Carrying:

This pose is filmy but very romantic. The groom carries his Bride, laugh at each other. Photographers can make a variation with angles, place, or even with the Bride’s weaving dress.

15. Using Swing:

Using swing in your wedding photographs is a brilliant idea. The swinging may be beautifully decorated with flowers, hanging from the tree.

The Bride and groom sit there together and turning. Or the Bride sits on the swing while the groom is swinging her from the back. Both are excellent poses.

16. Reflection of Water:

This pose is more suited for outdoor, especially photography near the water body. At this pose, you can do kissing, hugging, or talking to each other, giving a v pose or anything else.

Whatever the pose is, the prime focus is taking a reflection image. Nowadays, the reflection image becomes clear and aesthetic by Photoshop work.

17. Umbrella Shadow

It is a unique concept of wedding photography. Ask your photographer to shoot this pose in the dark. Take an umbrella and hold it towards the camera.

Also, take a light insight into the umbrella. It creates a shadow of both of you on the umbrella. Photographers will take pictures of this umbrella shadow. It is a game of light and dark.

18. Making Heart Pose:

It is a unique and crazy pose. The Bride and groom make a heart shape by their body.

19. Cartoon Face:

It is also a super funny pose. Holding a sketch cartoon of you in front of your face. Crazy, but this photo will make you smile every time you see it.

20. Jumping Photoshoot:

If you are adventurous, you can both jump together. The photographer will capture the moment while you are in the air. The photographs express that you win the winning trophy.

21. Pictures with Your Pet:

If you have a pet, then take a couple’s shot with your pet. It shows tenderness towards animals.

22. The Couple Cycling Photo:

It is also a fantastic idea to create a new trend. At this pose, the groom paddles a cycle taking his Bride on the back. While the happy smile crosses their face.

It may be on the park’s roads or a busy road. Both backgrounds are perfect for the pose.

23. Photographer Groom:

It is also a unique pose. The groom pretends to be a photographer, and the Bride pretends to be his model. This photo also shows the friendship between couples.

24. Heart Shape with Drone Photography:

Any pose of aerial photography gives you a different view. Ask your guest to make a heart shape for you and put you two in the middle of the heart.

Capture it with a drone camera. These photos show the family bonding and love for family members.

25. Wedding Car Photos:

Ask the photographer to capture when couples are riding a car. It is the new journey of your life.

26. A Hug From Behind:

It is a typical pose for a couple where the groom hugs the Bride from behind. But if you want to break this stereotype, then make a chance for the Bride to embrace her husband. It will be a new style in a typical shot.

27. Romance in the Rain:

It is an uncommon photoshoot idea. People rarely do a photoshoot at rainy weather. But wet weather is perfect for love adventure. So, if you have the chance to catch rain, use this idea. Or you can make artificial rain for this pose.

The Bride and groom together hold an umbrella sharing a glance full of love. Raindrops falling on the umbrella. Isn’t it so beautiful?

28. Fly with the Help of Your Friend:

Ask your friend to throw you up or hold you up. While the photographer instantly clicks a photo that seems you are flying. This photo will be a good memory with your friends.

29. Chasing:

It is an incredible idea while the groom chases the Bride to catch. Photographers can take from a different angle to create a new dimension.

There also some styles that a couple poses for wedding photography. They are not familiar or classical. There is a chance to make unique photos with these poses.

Every photographer takes these poses at their style. So, ultimately these poses become extraordinary.

30. Couple in a Photo Frame:

Hold a large size photo frame and bride and groom pose inside the frame. Take this beside a window. So, the city light glister behind you.

It is also a unique pose. Photographers can create a variation with different angles.

31. Photography with Typography:

It is a fun pose with a written message on the couple’s hands. The message is romantic and lovely. Something like grooms holds a placard says, “She has stolen my heart,” while the Bride holds another placard of “And I will keep it.” Or, they contain two words “I” and “Do.” The massage can be different, the pose may be different but typographic photography is entertaining stuff.

32. Portrait with a Photo Prop:

In this pose, the couple poses for a picture with a prop. Like, stand beside a nameplate that says “Happily ever after” or “Newly married” something like this. It is a brilliant idea for the photoshoot.

33. Couples Lie on Leaves:

It is a joyful yet lovely pose. The pair rests on the grass or leaves side by side, touching their faces. While they keep their eyes gently closed or lovingly see each other.

Ask your photographer to take this pose by a drone camera. You will amaze to see this usual pose can produce marvelous photos.

The greenish background will enhance the beauty of the images. This pose looks excellent with a wide-angle view instead of a close shot.

34. Pose During Sunset

Nature takes a magnificent look during the evening. Bring this natural beauty in your wedding photoshoot. Pose any romantic pose while sunset is at your background. It will be a magnificent image of your wedding.

35. Copy Movie Shot:

Many famous movies’ shots impact on people’s minds. You can copy a breathtaking chance that is overwhelming and charming. Suppose, many people love to copy the famous titanic movie pose and the composition.

Bridal Photoshoot Poses


The Bride is the most attractive and gorgeous person at a wedding. A bride spends a lot of money and time to get the perfect dress and accessories for her wedding.

She prepares herself for hours to look fabulous at the wedding. After all these efforts, she deserves an ideal solo photoshoot. Here is some posing guide for a bridal photoshoot.

36. Dramatic Photos with Vail:

Use your vail for some spectacular images. Photographers will take pictures from different angles.

37. Turnaround Photos:

Turn around style is traditional but a beautiful pose. The Bride turns around while her beautiful dress waving and creates a whelming heart view. This pose also expresses the inner joy of the Bride.

38. Sit Elegantly:

It is a killer pose. You don’t always need to be shy and dramatic. Be elegant with your royalty. It expresses the humble but strong personality of the Bride.

39. Beauty with A Vintage Look:

Express the beauty in a vintage style. An old vintage look makes an environment that is close to the heart.

40. Play with Jewelry:

Ask your photographer to take the photos, when you put the jewelry. Bride stares at her accessories with love and passion. Photographer Should capture the stunning look.

41. Capture from The Back:

It is a classical photo. The photographer captures the Bride from the end while your long vail trails over the road.

42. Royal Pose:

Sometimes some traditional pose never fades away. A side capture of a bride with her beautiful smile is a great look. Lightening, jewelry, background, etc. make an exceptional style.

43. Make Some Fun:

Why don’t you do some fun stuff? Suppose, you wear a snicker and give the pose of getting ready for escaping. Isn’t it fun?

44. Be A Celebrity:

Ask your bridesmaids to take photos of their cellphone. And you act like a celebrity. Ask your photographer to capture this whole scene.

45. Be A Swagger:

It is an excellent bold style. Be confident and give a pose with a little mix of arrogance. It is a killer photo that makes you exceptional out of the box.

Groom Photoshoot Pose

Groom is also an attraction point of the wedding event. Like the Bride, the groom also deserves a solo photoshoot. These are some elegant pose for the groom

46. Getting Ready:

The moments are very exhilarating when the groom gets ready for the wedding. His facial expression receives a mixture of excitement and joy. The perfect manly gesture makes him more handsome.

47. Having Fun:

Grooms have a smiling face, having fun with friends and relatives. This pose expresses the joy of the inner soul.

48. Casual in Wedding Suit:

Take an occasional photo but in a wedding suit. It represents the simplicity and innocence of the groom.

49. Be Elegant and Stylish:

Some killer manly pose makes the groom beautiful. A straight, confident look towards the camera makes the groom more handsome and royal.

50. Final Move:

Groom is fully dressed and ready to set off. Captive the moments. It is the last moment a groom is going to let his single life and embrace the dual life. This moment’s shots are magnificent.

As the groom is bubbling in excitement and at the same time ready for the new responsibility.


It is the expectation that you have found some excellent pose for your wedding album. You can create differences at every pose by changing color, style, and background. Your posture will reflect your personality.

Try to do various poses like serious, formal, funny, and romantic poses for your wedding photoshoot. Your album will be colorful with different mixed poses.

Don’t confine yourself only in traditional poses. Let your creativity and imagination take place for your wedding photography. Take help from this wedding photography posing guide.

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You should create more memorable through your wedding photography.

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