photography cost in Iowa city

Cost is essential when it comes to choosing an excellent photography service for a wedding, engagement, and portraits.

People usually keep a certain amount of their budget for the photography cost. They always try to book a photographer according to their estimated budgets.

But do you have any idea about different photography costs? If not, this article might be helpful. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas about wedding photography costs.

In IOWA CITY, the cost of wedding photography starts at $1500 and the cost can vary in different factors. This is very important that without a professional photographer you cannot make your photography memorable.

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Our Photography Cost

We are one of the best Wedding Vendors in Iowa City. We offer custom packages and custom pricing for engagements and portraits. You can book us an hourly basis and also a package basis. Let’s get to start the details –


01. Portraits Packages

The Portraits Photography investment starts at $200 for a single candidate. 

We offer custom pricing and custom packages for portraits photography. You will get 2 or 3 hours of photography, Digital Image, HDR Image and Social media treasure image etc.  

02. Engagement

The engagement photography investment start at $350 for one locations. 

We also offer custom investment plans for you. We offer 2 – 3 hours of photography, HD Images, High-end editing image, and Social media formatted image ( Instagram) and many more. 


Iowa City Engagement Photographer

03. Wedding Package

The Wedding Photography investment starts at $1500 for couples. 

You will get custom packages for wedding photography. In wedding photography you will get HDR image, mini treasure, love story images, DIGITAL images, High-Quality editing and 6 hours of photography and many more.

Why Does Wedding Photography Cost vary?

It is essential to know that wedding photography costs might vary. And it varies depending on many factors. Let’s discuss the factors-

  • Time – Time is crucial in the case of calculating the photography charge. Photographers charge money per hour, or they might demand a price according to one package. If you extend the hours involved, you will have to pay extra as well.
  • Location – Location is also an essential factor because the traveling cost adds up to the photography charge.
  • Equipment – The type of camera, lights, and any other equipment used are also essential to consider while calculating the total cost of wedding photography.
  • The Number of Events – More events will cost more money because of the multiple photo session. So yes, the number of events is a good factor.
  • The Number of Photographs – Photographers charges according to the number of pictures you want. If you wish for extra photos, you will have to pay more.
  • Editing – Editing takes a lot of time and effort. Special editing and combining all the photographs will cost you and add up to the total charge.
  • Wedding Photography Style – Wedding photography cost also depends on photography styles (photojournalistic, editorial style, vintage style, contemporary style, candid style, etc.). Dramatic and cinematography need more time and editing. That makes their price higher than classic photos.
  • After Event Facilities – Most of the photography agency adds these services (like a wedding album, printing images, special couple photos, pre and after the photoshoot, etc.) to their packages. If you want to customize it, you may need to pay some additional.

The above list is the factors that determine the total wedding photography cost.


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    The above information that we have included are good enough to give you a clear idea about wedding photography cost. Before you set your budget, it is essential to understand all the factors that determine the total cost.  We all want to spend money on things which are worth it. We hope all this information helps you to set the best budget for your big day!