5 Best Sunset Wedding Photography Tips | A details Guide

Have you ever thought about sunset wedding photography? Imagine, you and your newlywed partner are taking the air along the beach while the sunlight is slowly dipping into the ocean. Warm golden light reflects on the water, and the sky turns red, and the cool breeze soothes your soul.

Isn’t it so dreamy? And if there is your love beside you just after your wedding vow at this beautiful nature, won’t the moments so glorious? To capture those moments perfectly, here are some sunset wedding photography tips for the couple.

If you are a photography lover, then we think these tips will ultimately help you with your dreamed wedding photography.

What is Sunset Wedding Photoshoot?

Sunset is the golden hour for photography. Many photographers like to photographs at this hour. Because this hour environment naturally produces warm, lovely photos.

Using natural light, photographers create different and unique compositions of photography that will undoubtedly be mind-blowing.

Sunset wedding photography becomes realistic when the romance of the couple and the beauty of nature blend together. The sky becomes gorgeous at this golden hour.

The sunset of your wedding day signifies the big day is over, and from tomorrow you will begin a fresh new life. Many couples desire to capture the final few bits of their big day with beautiful colorful nature.

But often, it seems that photos cannot translate the beauty of these unique moments correctly.

Sunset wedding photography becomes popular nowadays because of its unique value of creating extraordinary and beautiful photos. Both photographers and couples need to contribute to making the images more realistic.

Sunset Wedding Photo

Why do Couple Need Sunset Wedding Photography Tips?

For sunset photography, there are lots of resources available for photographers. Many people think that the photographer’s skill is enough for capturing beautiful photos.

Of course, it is true and Our dedicated photographers will help you to make this photo session more attractive and charming. You can completely rely on us.

Moreover, sunset photography is not only about photography techniques. It also depends on the couple’s poses and many other things. It is tough to find suggestions for the couple during sunset photography.

Hence, it is always admirable that a couple has some knowledge about sunset wedding photography. The tips and tricks help the couple by:

  1. Have an explicit understanding of the poses suit for sunset photography.
  2. Can assist an amateur photographer with different photographic ideas.
  3. The couple can generate thoughts of unique photos and compositions.
  4. I can find out various places that are perfect for sunset photography.
  5. The couple doesn’t need to rely on the photographer’s knowledge entirely.
Beautiful-Sunset-Wedding-Photo shoot
Beautiful Sunset Wedding Photoshoot

Sunset Wedding Photography Tips:

1. Decision Making:

The human eye’s dynamic range is widespread. We can distinguish light and dark shade easily with our naked eye. But the digital camera’s dynamic range is not as well as a human’s eye.

So, it would help if you decided first what will be your main focal point. Do you want to capture the gorgeous landscape of nature while you are negligible, or you want a portrait at sunset while the natural scene is insignificant?

Also, light and darkness play a critical role in sunset photography. So, setting your focus is the first decision. 

2. Find Out Best Sunset Spot:

Before starting photoshoot, explore the place where sunset gives the best image. Like if you are on a mountain, then the top maybe give you a clear vision of the twilight. Determine the most critical location of sunset for perfect photos.

3. Raw Footage:

Ask your photographer to take raw footage without auto-correction of color, and ignore white balance by setting shade. White balancing will reduce the background saturation. That dilutes the original beauty in two times.

4. Expose The Sky:

Ask your photographer to expose the sky in a significant portion. Nature looks incredible at the time of sunset. With the aid of recent editing software, it is rather easy to reassemble the original position.

5. Reflection:

If you are near a water body, take advantage of the thought of the object and the sky on water. Ask your photographer to take the colorful representation as your background.

Places For Sunset Wedding Photo-Shoots

What do you think? Is it always necessary to go to a sea beach to do sunset photography? Not at all! You can manage sweet sunset photography even if you are in a city far from the sea. Let’s find out where you can find perfect spots for the sunset photoshoot.

1. Use A Rooftop:

If you arrange your wedding in a city, then you can use a rooftop to take photos while sunset is in the background. If you choose a too high building, you may lose the sun as its position may lower from the roof. So, choose a rooftop where you can easily observe the sunset.

2. Graphical View:

Take photos in a picturesque location where the sun is sinking into your background. This style is more like a painting than real images.

3. At Mountain Cliff:

If you have a destination wedding on a mountain, still you want sunset photography, you can do it. Use the tip to create a stunning photo while the sun kisses the sky. Composition in the mountain can make high standard photos on the hill.

4. At Sea Beach:

It is unarguable that no other space for sunset photography is equally perfect as a sea beach. You can have vibrant photos on the beach that are so magnificent that you can thaw your heart like a shot.

Take pictures on various poses, and different compositions make the idea unique. You can take photos while walking and also you can take romantic images of standing on the rock of the sea.

5. Over Ice:

When white ice covers everything on the ground, and the sun sinks into the cloud, makes a red-violet color contrasts with blue sky, creates the most peaceful environment. Your sunset wedding photoshoot will be so perfect and stunning.


Sunset wedding photography is the art of photography. Your album looks incredibly gorgeous if you follow these sunset wedding photography tips. It will diversify your wedding album to a great extent.

Moreover, it gives you an unforgettable memory that will cherish you till the end of your life. So, try to create some memory at this golden moment. Surely, you will love it.

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