15 Useful Tips: How to Save Money on Wedding Photography

Are you looking for tips on how to save money on wedding photography? Then you are in the right place. Here you will get the details to guide the money-saving tips for your wedding photography.

Marriage is a dream event for any person. But when you are going to plan a wedding ceremony, the first thing that comes into your mind is budget. And instantly, you will realize that holding a wedding ceremony is not a cheap thing.

According to the wedding market, wedding photography takes a significant portion of your total expenditure. Usually, couples spend around 15% to 20% budget on their central budget on wedding photography. Admittedly, this is not a very little amount.

Do you concern about wedding photography cost? Do you want to know how to save money on wedding photography? This article intends to aid you with this issue.

There is a general question for many people that why is wedding photography cost so high?

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Why is Wedding Photography Cost High?

Mostly, in the USA, people spend about $2000 to $3500 for average wedding photography. Sometimes, the amount exceeds $4000 for various add-ins. Is your jaw-dropping? Is your mind whirling with all this money talk?

Hold on, take a breath. Don’t ever think to cut off photography from your budget. But somehow photographers’ high-cost demand is logical. Because:

  1. Need lots of effort and time of photographers
  2. Frequent client’s meeting
  3. Pre-wedding photoshoot preparation
  4. 7 or 8 hours constant service at the wedding day
  5. After-wedding photo editing
  6. Talent and creativeness
  7. High priced gears
  8. The high cost of editing software
  9. Business expenses
  10. Extra add-ins services need extra effort

These are the reasons for its genuine expensiveness. But some other factors include the price. Like:

  • Expertise of photographers
  • Time (wedding season or non-wedding season)
  • Travelling period
  • Accommodation cost (for a destination wedding, non-local photographer)
  • Number of printed copies of photos
  • Printed wedding album
  • Heavy editing demand

So, after all these expenditures, photographers have not much penny left as you think.

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How to Save Money on Wedding Photography:

Many couples do not pay much attention to photography at first. They are so busy with the venue, attire, food, and other fancy things.

But all these expenditures are for one day, will finish along with the wedding day. But only wedding photos will remain for the rest of their life.

Therefore, wedding photography should be an indispensable element of the marriage plan. Thus, it is quite relatable that it is a matter of lifetime assets. So, the quality of photography is the foremost priority.

To maintain the standard, you may opt for assigning an experienced good photographer. But that will increase the price. And then, what can you do, when you want quality photography along with a reasonable budget?

The Mistakes People Do to Save Money:

To save money, many people make the wrong decisions.

  • They ask their friends or family to take their wedding pictures.
  • Also, some people hire an amateur photographer at a low cost.

But these actions may cause photography disaster. You may find photos with guest crowded background, odd feet, or awkward half-cut face, and blur images.

No one wants to have such hilarious and annoying pictures of their wedding. Hiring a genuine wedding photographer is no big deal when its importance is widespread. So, don’t compromise with quality. 

What you need now is some savvy advice that can save your wedding day with a good photographer. Here are some tips that will solve your problem.

1. Assign Early:

Book a photographer as early as possible. After confirmation of the wedding, start to look for a photographer. A year- early booking gives you a discount.

2. Budget:

Set your budget and stick with it. It is something that may require some extra money, but first, try to abide by your limit. Be realistic with your expectations, along with your affordability.

3. Location:

Location is one of the most important things that affect photography prices. If you choose a rural area far from the city, your bill will increase. You need to pay for a photographer’s transport, food, and accommodation.

But if you choose a venue in urban areas near the city, it will cause you less. It is more cost-effective if you choose a photographer who is in the same region as the wedding venue.

4. Time:

Usually, photographers offer 6 to 8 hours of service packages. Try to use this time perfectly. Don’t ask him for an extra hour. Extra hour takes more money.

If you have a serious money issue then, you can choose a photographer for an hourly basis. Less hour needs less money.

5. Ask For Digital:

In today’s era, we completely share our photos in a digital soft copy. So, if you want a digital copy instead of a manual album, you can save almost $300 to $850. The digital soft copy will save the printing cost.

If you want to have some hardcopy, later you can print as you wish. That means you don’t have to pay for 1000 copy print photos. It will be so cost-effective.

6. Local Talent:

Start searching photographer from your locality. Hire a rising photographer instead of an amateur or well-established photographer. Amateur photographer ruins your photoshoot while a well-established photographer demands high.

But a rising photographer who gains popularity and has the potential to make stunning photos; will not demand so high but at the same time will maintain quality.

7. Referral Credit Or Discount:

Use your social media or give reference to new people to pursue their service from the photographer. Ask your photographer to offer you a referral credit or discount if you can manage other clients for them.

8. Off-Season Discount:

The price of the photographer becomes high at the time of the wedding season. It is because they are then in high demand.

But at non-season, they have a few works in their hand. So, they offer a discount so that clients become more attracted. It is an opportunity to reduce the price.

9. Compare Between Packages:

There can be many photography service providers in your locality. Compare their price and service. Choose a low budget package but maintaining standard quality.

10. Customized Package:

Arranging a wedding ceremony has a lot of pressure of responsibility. People, at a matter of ease, look for preset wedding photography packages.

But these packages are often full of unnecessary services. To avoid this unnecessary expenditure, try to find any provider who allows you to customize your services. You can customize the hour, service, and delivery formate.

11. Photography And Videography Should Be The Same Provider:

Don’t waste your money on two different providers for photography and Videography. It is a matter of thought that not all professionals provide photography and Videography at the same time.

But try to assign the same provider who does two things for you. It will save almost $100-$150 than involving two individual service provider organizations.

12. Venue Recommended Photographer:

Some venue has their preferred photographer due to expanding their business. If you chose any venue that has this facility, then choose their preferred photographer. they have a deal between them.

So, it costs you less. You will pay the total cost of the event. Also, this photographer knows well about the venue and can make a good shot.

13. Fewer Finished Product:

Ask your photographer to provide a limited number of finished photos. Editing of photos need lots of hours. If you limit the number, the editing hour will be small, and thus, it takes less money.

14. Don’t Ask For The Proof Book

Some photographers offer a proof book so that you can choose your favorite pictures. If they offer it with their package than use it, if they don’t include in their package, then never ask them for a proof book.

It is not a thing that is free of cost. It may cost you $100. But its importance is less because your photographer will deliver you the best shots they have taken. So, if you need to save money, the proof book is easily negligible.

15. Get Copyright Access:

Many providers don’t give you the authority to use your image as your personal property. They keep a watermark or signature on the photographs. So, even you want to use or share your wedding photos, you need to buy from them.

Otherwise, they have the right to take legal action against you. So, when dealing with photographers for the first time, ask them about your copyright. If your provider doesn’t allow to give you copyright, think twice before hiring.

Getting copyright means your photos are your property, and you can use it as you wish.

Wedding Photographer Cost

People often search on the internet for affordable wedding photography packages. For them, there is a price list of some packages. Those are affordable, at the same time, admirable.

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  THE BASIC $800 – $1000

  • 4 – 6 hours of wedding day coverage
  • One photographer
  • Soft online photo album
  • Online gallery for re-print and re-order
  • 25 printed images
  • Customized USB

  THE ESSENTIALS ($1200 – $1400)

  • 5 – 6 hours of wedding day coverage
  • 1photographer
  • Engagement photoshoot
  • Online photo Album
  • 8×8 wedding album
  • $100 print credit
  • 70 printed images
  • Customized USB

  THE PREMIUM ($1600 – $1800)

  • 6 – 8 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Engagement and pre-wedding photoshoot
  • 2 photographers
  • Online photo album
  • $200 print credit
  • 100 printed images
  • Costume Wedding guest album
  • Customized USB

  THE DELUX ($2000 – $3000)

  • 8 – 10 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Engagement and pre-wedding photoshoot
  • 2 photographers and 1 videographer
  • Online photo album
  • $350 print credit
  • 300 printed images
  • 1 half an hour wedding video
  • 16×20 canvas of a favorite photo
  • 12×12 photo album
  • Customized USB

 There are also chance to reduce the cost by negotiation and customization. But don’t do too much customization. Some photographers also offer wedding photography under $1000. Choose any package that is suitable for you.


Maybe your tension drops a little bit. You don’t think any more about ‘How to save money on wedding photography?’ Follow those above tips. They will cut a considerable amount from your wedding photography budget.

Also, you need to cut off all unnecessary extra add-ins. Don’t rush while choosing the photographer. Take your time to research and find out what service you exactly need.

Choose your wedding day photography service wisely. Only some wise decisions and simple tricks can save your money to a great extent.  

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