5 Best Poses Steps: How To Pose For Wedding Photography?

Are you one of those people who are not camera friendly? Do you ever feel awkward while clicking a picture because you don’t exactly know how to pose for wedding photography?

You can always avoid taking pictures, but how do you get away on your wedding day? Nobody is going to save you from taking photos of your wedding way!

If you are looking for some easy tips on how to pose for wedding photography and protect yourself from awkward wedding pictures, this article is right for you!

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People who love taking pictures consider their wedding day to be the best day to take memorable photographs and frame them forever. Imagine you are getting married to someone who loves taking pictures, but you don’t.

That is going to make your partner upset on your wedding day while you struggle to pose.

That sounds like a mini nightmare. It’s better to know all the proper steps to follow before your big day! There is plenty of wedding poses ideas.

But there are some important basic things to remember while posing for a photo for both the bride and groom.


Steps To Follow How To Pose For Wedding Photography: 

  • Make it look natural – Do not fake a smile or a pose, try to make it look as natural as possible
  • Show the connection – Couples who take pictures without being hesitant about their love and relationship is lovely and beautiful to look at
  • Feel comfortable before the photo – Make yourself comfortable at your shoot or photography location
  • Do not get distracted by surroundings – While taking a picture, you don’t have to see how other people are reacting to it? This might make some people feel awkward and nervous. Similar to the nervousness while giving a speech or presentation
  • Give your best shots – Feel happy, give your best smile. Try different poses


The above points are to keep in mind before the wedding photography begins. There are a lot more tips to help you give the best poses for your wedding!

As wedding photography is not just about couples, brides and grooms have their single photoshoot as well, and there are specific guidelines for both. First, let’s look at some useful tips on how to pose for wedding photography as a couple, step by step.


Follow These Simple Steps Before You Start A Photoshoot –


  • Hold hands; look at each other. Adjust your expressions with natural feelings and connections. Start with your kind of pictures that YOU want to take with your partner.
  • Express love while looking at each other; this will bring out the best smile and laugh while taking a picture. Probably a candid, which is a viral hashtag nowadays.
  • Dance slowly while taking pictures. The photographers accidentally click the best photos in such moments sometimes because the poses look very natural and romantic at the same time.
  • Kiss your partner. Every couple needs a picture of their wedding where they kiss and express love in front of everyone.

When you are finally comfortable posing in your ways, try different ones for the camera. Here are the 5 best, and natural wedding poses examples:



1. Hugging From Behind

This is one of the best poses for a couple at their wedding. This pose shows a cute and lovely connection between the bride and groom.

This picture involves posing both ways – the bride behind the groom/groom behind the bride both looks good. It’s better if the taller person is behind.

2. Walking Away, Holding Hands

Holding hands and pretending to walk away while the photographer clicks a picture from behind. This pose gives us the perfect illustration of how the bride and groom decide to walk alongside each other for life.

An excellent natural background will make this picture more attractive.

3. Show Off Your Wedding Ring While Posing

This pose might be ubiquitous, but this is a great way to appreciate the symbol of a wedding. Your wedding symbol should be significant enough to be noticed clearly in at least one of your wedding photos.

4. Kissing The Bride’s Forehead/hands –

This pose is very adorable to look at and the type of picture which we might like to frame. Taking an image from a distance while the groom is kissing his bride’s hand or kissing her forehead with closed eyes gives a vibe of romance and emotion.

5. Walking Sideways Looking At Each Other –

This is a very natural and comfortable pose. You don’t have actually to pose for such a picture. Because all you have to do is naturally smile and talk to your partner while walking and holding hands.

Such clicks can bring out the natural, joyful feelings of a new couple who are ready to spend their lives together. The excitement is visible in their eyes and expressions.


These are the most natural tips to follow if you do not know how to pose for wedding photography.

If you are looking forward to much more exciting and innovative poses, your photographer will be there to guide you and suggest much more unique wedding photography poses. But it’s always better to get some ideas beforehand.

Couples nowadays hire photographers for an exciting photoshoot. They focus on taking pictures that are different from others.

They try both indoor and outdoor photoshoots. While a couple of pictures are essential at weddings, the bride and groom get to shoot individually as well.

There are several wedding poses for brides, for example, showing off their beautiful wedding dress while getting ready, holding flower bouquet, walking down the aisle, etc.

The grooms can click some classy pictures too using some ideas, for example, posing while adjusting his suit or tie, while putting on that branded watch, etc.

We would suggest starting the photoshoot with traditional wedding photo poses, which involves family members, and then the couple can have their private romantic photoshoot. 

Wedding day is all about love and happy moments, which people love to recall later in life by keeping the pictures as memories. It’s okay if you don’t like taking pictures, but consider this one day to give your best to keep a happy mind.

The few easy tips on how to pose for wedding photography is enough to get some great pictures. Just enjoy your wedding, show your happiness, and let the photographers capture your best moments!

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