How to Choose A Wedding Photographer| A details Guide

Are you worried about how to choose a wedding photographer before booking for your wedding ceremony’s photography? Then this post is specially designed for you. A wedding photographer is an essential person in the wedding ceremony as he or she is the one who provides you with the long-desired wedding album.

Wedding photos are not only images. They are a memory of lifespan. No matter your celebration is big or small, a good wedding photographer is always necessary. Every wedding accessories will fade over time. But only images will remain alive.

Everyone wants a professional photographer who can make the big day more special. Is there anyone ever wants blur, monotonous, and ridiculous photos at his precious day? No one, right? It will be a nightmare if the wedding album is disastrous.

A good photographer can make that possible. Therefore, it is a must to choose the photographer carefully. But choosing a wedding photographer is a tough task. It is not like other wedding arrangements.

You can instantly select and buy the dress, the flower bouquet, and other things you like. But when you hire a wedding photographer, you need to consider many things. If you are planning to marry soon, you need to know about the facts.

This article will help you on how to choose the right photographer at your wedding. It is the most all in one guideline that you will find ever! So before starting, it is necessary to know the quality of a wedding photographer

What Makes a Great Wedding Photographer?

You should observe these prime qualities while looking for a wedding photographer. An ideal wedding photographer possesses these qualities.

1. Professionalism:

The first and foremost thing is the photographer’s professionalism. Real photographers will never take your wedding photos lightly.

They always professionally direct photography. They will be more severe about Their job than anything else. They will devote full concentration to photography instead of making fun with others.

2. Capability:

After professionalism, the second thing you have to see is about their ability. An expert photographer can transform a simple image into extra-ordinary by just changing angles, light, or other parameters. It is all about their knowledge, experiences as well as thinks power.

3. Creativity:

Photographers enhance the beauty of the photo and create uniqueness through their creativity. They can create extra-ordinary images by using their imagination power.

An average photographer can take pictures well, but he or she may not able to produce high-imaginative photos. Original photos will bring life into your album.

4. Knows Various Styles:

You should look for photographers who offer you multiple forms. Using different techniques, make your photos dynamic, and also build the photo session more enjoyable.

5. Flexibility With Time:

It is another essential quality. You will hire someone who will grant you some time flexibility. Suppose you hire photographers for any particular time, but on the wedding day, somehow, you need them for a few more hours. What will you do then? If the photographers agree to provide you extra service, it will be much relief.

6. Few Restriction:

It is always easy to work with a photographer who has few restrictions. The restriction will limit you to a category and trend. You cannot personalize the service with the photographer who has many obligations.

7. Don’t Offer A Limited Number Of Photographs:

Some photographer provides a limited number of pictures. It is the worst offer one can do. Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Surely, you don’t want to lose any moments of your exceptional day.

But limited photographs will not grant you access to capture all the instants. So, an unlimited number of pictures are essential. Find a photographer who will not bother you by imposing several views.

8. Experience:

Don’t overlook the photographer’s experience. Experience is an excellent asset for any professional. Experience makes the photographer more skilled and detail-oriented.

An experienced photographer knows far better than a new photographer.

9. Performance Guarantee:

Find someone who will agree to sign you in a performance guarantee agreement. He will give you access to test him before hiring. Also, they will be bound to back the money if their performance is not the same as they promised before the agreement.

10. Honest:

Honesty is essential for any service. You should look for a photographer who is honest and sincere. He promises not to utilize any of your pictures for any unfair means. He will not sell your photos and information to anyone without your concern.

Guide to Choose A Wedding Photographer


Right away, you know what qualities of a kind wedding photographer. But the question is, how do you choose a photographer? How do you know the photographers you opt to choose, possess these qualities?

There are many wedding photography vendors available in the market. To sell their service, they all try to pass you a positive impact at first.

All parties try to advertise themselves with lucrative offers and attractive photos. Thus, it becomes hard to find the best and genuine photographer among them.

 So, here is the step by step guidelines that help you to choose the right person for your big day.

1. Determine What You Want:

Before rushing into the photographer’s office, first, you need to decide what you want. All these decisions will significantly influence the photographer selection process.

  1. The ceremony pattern: Weather it is a traditional or luxurious or destination wedding.
  2. Budget for wedding photography: How much you can spend on your wedding photography.
  3. Photography styles: At this internet era, it becomes easy to choose photography styles. For this, you don’t need to be pro in photography. You can get thousands of pictures on the internet. You know your personality. Choose the styles which suit your personality and mitigate your requirements. Your photographers will help you to select the form, but if you know it earlier, you can search for the specialist. Also, you can better understand different photography methods.

2. Research Photographers Background:

Do some homework. You can carefully listen to reviews of newlywed couples. Observe their previous customers’ feedback from their website. Analyze their previous works.

From the photos of their websites and blogs, you can know about their original style, creativity, angle of framing, etc. Also, you will know about their after-shoot services and their behavior.

By background research, you can shortlist your choice. This practice will help you to save your time and energy and reduces the risk of being deceptive.

3. Sit For A Meeting:

You cannot hire a photographer only by background research. You need to set up an in-person meeting with your shortlisted photographers. If you are satisfied with their previous work, then contact them.

Ask them about their fees and if they are available on your wedding day. If all these are ok, then ask him to meet face to face. In face to face meeting, you will discuss other benefits, terms, and conditions.

Also, tell them about your choice and your personality. It is good to discuss everything with your photographer before hiring him finally.

4. See Some Of Their Previous Welding Albums That Are Similar To Your Choice:

Photographers put the best photos on their websites. So, only seeing them is not enough to select someone. Ask the photographer to show you some full wedding albums that have a similar concept for your wedding plan.

If you want an indoor wedding, then look for their previous indoor wedding photo album. Or if you plan a beach wedding, then go for a few beach albums. A full collection will help to understand the photographer’s quality more precisely.

5. Analyze The Photo:

Analyze their previous album photos with a critical eye. You need to focus on various things. Like: quality, angle, sense of capturing, lightening, blurriness, editing, composition, etc. These are essential elements that verify the photo’s quality.

6. Interaction With The Photographer:

To capture natural and realistic images, proper bonding and understanding between you and the photographer are necessary. Before hiring, observe your photographer’s behavior.

Does he become excited when you tell him about your plan? Does he prefer your idea more than his image size and number? Does he seem co-operative? Does he have an attitude of listening?

Is he soft and sensible or rough and arrogant? All these behavioral qualities impact on your photography. If there is good interaction between you two, you together can make excellent teamwork.

7. Compare:

At this point, you need to compare different packages. A photographer may offer many packages. Analyze every offer’s advantages and disadvantages. Choose the best suited for your requirements.

8. Know About Post-Production:

Your ultimate product is the final photos. So, before hiring, know all the details about the last images. You may ask them about several photos they provide you, how many days they need to process the images, what will be the resolution.

Also, you can claim your right to use your wedding photos without their permission. Most photographers don’t permit you to print the negative from another source.

9. Prepare Together:

Prepare for the big day together. You can do some pre-wedding photoshoot to adjust to the photographer style. Your photographer will help you to select a venue, attire, and decoration.

Let your photographer work freely. He is an expert photographer. He knows how the session will be useful and fruitful. You don’t always need to command him; ask him what you want. He will do it for you with responsibility.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Photographer:


These are a set of questions that you need to ask your photographer at the time of the interview.

  1. Are you available at a particular wedding date?
  2. How many hours will you cover?
  3. Can you show me some full albums that may have similarities with my styles?
  4. Should a couple need to hire you in advance? How advance should they book you?
  5. How long do you work as a wedding photographer? How many events have you covered so far?
  6. What is your most preferable style? Which style you often do?
  7. Tell me about your working method?
  8. What is your specialization? Indoor, outdoor, or both?
  9. Do you have another plan in case of bad weather or other unwanted situation?
  10. Will you take a second shooter or assistant with you?
  11. What is your suggestion to choose my wedding venue?
  12. What if my wedding ceremony takes a long time? Will you service me those extra hours?
  13. Do you use a drone camera to cover the full venue from the ariel view?
  14. Have you got your liability insurance?
  15. What is your payment method?
  16. Can I clear payment after completing the work? Is it ok to advance you at the time of booking and give the due after final delivery?
  17. Do you provide me with copyright?
  18. How long do you need to deliver the final products?
  19. Do you offer a refund/ cancellation?
  20. Do you give your customer to customize your packages?
  21. How do you guarantee your work?
  22. How many photos will you give me finally?
  23. Will you provide some raw footage?
  24. Do you offer high-resolution images?
  25. What if I want to get pictures from negatives from other studios? Will you permit that?

By asking these questions, you will gain a whole idea about your photographer. But it is always admirable to have a checklist. So, you should not miss anything.

Choosing A Wedding Photographer Checklist:

Here is a checklist. That is extremely helpful for you while choosing a perfect wedding photographer. Take the help of this checklist. You can select the photographer without any mistake.

1. Budget:

Many focus on price only. Though the price is an essential thing, quality is a must. So, you should handle this efficiently. So, while choosing, make sure you know the detailed expenditure of the cost.

2. Photography Style:

Every photographer has individual styles. Check the styles thoroughly. Along with photography style, the photographer’s personality is essential. Check the feedbacks of previous clients.

3. Service:

It is the first thing that you should consider. Learn about their wedding photography service description. It is very important to combine what they provide and what you want. Don’t sit with assumption. Make an open discussion before you make the final decision.

4. Must-Have Photos:

Wedding day is a hectic day for both the couple and the photographer. There is much possibility to miss any shots that you want badly at your wedding. Check your photographer’s shot list. Discuss with him about your favorite shots.

5. Delivery Time:

Consider it as an essential factor. Sometimes photographers take a long time to deliver. Make sure a clear understanding of delivery time.

6. Final product:

It is the last thing in the system. Talk in advance about your final product. You can talk about product receive type (soft or hard copy), resolution, editing.

Wedding Photography Money-Saving Tips

Money is an essential factor in wedding planning. To be honest, wedding photography is not a cheap thing. On average a wedding photographer’s price is nearly $2000 in the USA. The total photography cost gets almost $1500 to $3500. It is not a considerable amount for many couples.

For this reason, many couples ask their acquaintances to do photography at their wedding. But that photographs are not up to mark. Then the couples regret later.

So, hiring a professional photographer is not a luxury. It is a necessity. There are still some ways to make the amount convenient and affordable. Here are some tips to save your penny.

  1. Find a photographer who is in your budget.
  2. Minimize additional services
  3. Book at the offseason. Usually, photographers demand slightly high at peak time. So, it is a wise decision if you book your photographer earlier
  4. Choose a relatively popular venue in rural areas instead of a deserted island far from the locality
  5. Look for the discount offer.
  6. Ask a digital print. It is a good idea of saving your money
  7. Convince your photographer to offer you a referral discount

But it is always recommendable that you put a significant part of your budget for wedding photography.

Common Mistakes of Choosing Wedding photographer:

Choosing a wedding photographer is not a matter of second. Most people receive less experience in renting a wedding photographer before his marriage. Therefore, new couples often face a confusing situation to opt for the right vendor.

As a consequence, they often make errors in selection. If you know the mistakes, then you will be alert at the time of choice. So, these are some common mistakes that people often do.

  1. Make a quick booking without pre-research
  2. Attracts by alluring packages without discussing other benefits
  3. Ignore the budget while hiring causes high stress afterward
  4. Assign photographers without analyzing their previous deeds
  5. for without reading the full agreement paper
  6. Impress by their advertising dialogue
  7. Customers don’t discuss their requirements before hiring the photographer
  8. The big mistake people often do, hiring an amateur photographer to cut their budget
  9. Ignore uncomfortableness with the photographer
  10. Don’t test photographers capability before hiring

All these mistakes lead to unhealthy photography at the wedding. As well, they can cause a misunderstanding between you and your photographer. As a result, instead of a happy and stress-free, it turns into stressful and undesirable photography.


A wedding is the most important and significant day in one’s life. Once the day has gone, it has gone forever. Time flies. The joy and amusement of the wedding will fade.

Only photos can make you recall the memory of the event. It is a precious memory for the rest of your life. So, choose an excellent photographer who can enhance your joy and enjoyment of the big day.

Maybe now you are quite sure how to choose a wedding photographer? Don’t rush. Take your time to select the wedding photographer. You can ask for a reference from your friends and relatives.

Research from internet websites, wedding magazines, and bridal shows. After analyzing some, you will have the idea of a perfect photographer.

Talk with some vendors. Then make your decision wisely. Hopefully, you will find a good photographer for your big day. We wish you good luck!

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