16 Best Church Wedding Photography Tips (A Details Guide)

Do you have a plan to say your wedding vow at church? Everyone wants to live their special moments by filming in photos. Admittedly, the moments of saying promise or ‘I Do’ are the most magical moments that you never want to lose.

But when it comes to church wedding photography, you need to think about many things. If you plan to wed in a church, but you don’t know about church wedding photography, you may face humiliation at the ceremony. It seems some church wedding photography tips will save your special day.

All churches don’t permit you to take photos during the ceremony. They do it for an uninterrupted occasion. Also, the event takes not more than forty-five minutes or at most one hour.

So, like other occasions, you don’t get much time to take many photographs as you want. That means you have some time limitations too.

So, you must understand that church photography is different from traditional photography. You have to consider many things. It is always appreciated to know all these factors in advance. As a responsible and respected client, you should be aware of all the limitations of church wedding photography.

This article is about the restrictions and obligations, the limit of expectations, and so on. Also, you can get knowledge about the ideal church’s pose, types of photos, etc. Undoubtedly, this article will be your best guideline for arranging church wedding photography.

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Restrictions on Church Wedding Photography

Some churches are so liberal that they will not impose any restrictions on photography. While some catholic churches extremely forbid to take any pictures inside the church. Some common restrictions are:

  • Don’t do flash photography
  • Restriction on movement during the ceremony
  • Photographers have to stand at the end or behind the priest
  • Time restriction

But fortunately, nowadays many churches become open to photography. Still, there are so many things that you should know.

Church Wedding Photography Tips with Restrictions

What should you do when you cannot but have to oblige the church rules? If the church limits your activities, then the variation will be less.

But still, you can make beautiful pictures within limited access. Follow the tips; these will help you to make the photos better:

  1. Before selecting any church first, you need to know about their restrictions in detail. If they have any restrictions or not. If they don’t have any limits, consider yourself lucky. If they have, try to convince the authority.
  2. If they have a few restrictions but give you access to take photographs, then let your photographers know about their terms and conditions.
  3. Change your church if you feel that their restrictions will confine your photos in limitation.
  4. If the church fixed the photographer’s position at the back seat, then they can capture your moments but with limited variation.
  5. Discuss with your photographer so that you have an idea of expectation. What you should want and what you cannot find certain circumstances.
  6. Don’t use flashlight even if the authority permits you permission to use it. It may distract you. Ask your photographer to use an alternative source like a candle or sunlight that comes out from the church window. 
  7. Stroll through the Aisle. It will give the photographer enough time to take many photos. Also, slow walking is necessary for a dark church hall, if you don’t want blur pictures.
  8. Keep your head upright and smile at your partner.
  9. Be genuinely happy and wave at the guest
  10. If the church doesn’t allow photographers to stay close, then ask your bride maid to arrange your dress so that the photographer can take a beautiful picture.
  11. Take time at your first kiss. Don’t make it too fast out of shyness. The time will allow photographers to capture those moments from different angles.
  12. To soak every moment, everything at your wedding, do it slowly, don’t rush with anything. Take some seconds during a signing at the marriage papers.
  13. Make the engagement ring visible to the photographer. If the photographer has to take from the last bench, then you need to ensure that he can see your ring. So that he can capture the ring exchanging moments.
  14. Take pictures with friends and family.
  15. Take some couple pictures before the ceremony
  16. If the church immensely forbids to take any pictures inside it, change the church. Sometimes, you cannot change it because of family tradition.

For such a case, rebuild those special moments with fake pose outside of the church. Though false, make sure that they seem original.

The churches which do not have any restriction on photography, you can do as you want. But be careful about the church’s dignity. Don’t anything contradictory with the church’s rule or humiliate the church’s purity.

Church Wedding Photography Ideas:

The option of creating variation in church photography is limited. But if you opt for the beautiful traditional wedding in a church, then these ideas will help you to do various stunning pictures.

1. Outside the Church:

It is a usual but elegant thought to have photographed at the outside of the church.  Make a joyful image at the doorway of the church. Use the architecture to have a different background. Ask your photographer to take photos before and after your marriage.

2. While walking down the Aisle:

It is a beautiful moment when you are walking down the aisle with your father towards your love. Both the bride and groom have mixed emotions of love, sadness, happiness, and anxiety.

All make an uncompromisable facial expression. Told your photographer to take some beautiful pictures when you enter the hall and when you are walking down to the aisle.

3. In front of the Altarpiece:

The most significant time of the wedding is the moment when you say ‘I do.’ It is a great scene to say your vow in front of the crucifix. Ask your photographer to take many pictures at this place. Admittedly, this will be your most cherished photo throughout your life.

4. Interior of the Church:

Don’t you want to film the place where you say the most magical word, “I do”? It quite often seems that people forget to take interior pictures out of all excitement, and later they feel sad about this.

Ensure that your photographer takes photos of the interior after your wedding. Tell your photographer to come first. Then he will get time to make interior and exterior images in a calm and guest free condition.

5. Photos of the guest

At the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom is so busy with themselves. They can not give attention to every single guest. Ask your photographers to take photos of your guests.

Later you will able to see the people’s reaction and emotion, which will give you immense pleasure afterward.

6. Ask to take photos from the balcony:

Ask your photographers to take pictures from the terrace. It will provide you with a total view of your wedding hall. This type of image will capture every single detail, and this is a great view too.

7. Take advantage of low light:

Photography in low light is a challenge for the photographer. But it is an opportunity to create unique photos using your creativity. Different compositions can make using dusk. Also, low light creates soft, melodious photos. That will enhance the beauty more.

8. Photographers with an assistant:

Having a second shooter is always a good idea. Ask your photographer to take photos from different angles. If one covers from the end, then another one from the end. Thus, there will be an extensive collection of pictures. Finally, combining all images will serve you the distinct look of the scenario.

9. Poses should be Gentle:

As a holy place, you need to be calm and quiet. Also, your poses should be modest. Don’t do any weird pose that can disrespect the church’s dignity.


Church wedding photography will be a pleasant experience. It is a combination of tradition with new fashion. It is an expectation that these church wedding photography tips will help you to a great extent. Also, this article will save you from the awkward surprise on your big day. Best of luck!

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